About Us

Bhagidhari is an organization formed by a group of nature lovers, who trademarks their actions in reducing usage of plastic by promoting alternative, natural & bio degradable products. Here in Bhagidhari, we are unwavering in our commitment to create and source products that are crafted in ways that cause less harm to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. We manufacture organic products like everyday staples to luxurious and aesthetic home décor.

Our Actions

Bloomed out of this severe passion, we also organize seminars, workshops, nature camps and research programs for youngsters in order to adopt a healthy life style that is completely in rhythm with the nature thereby creating a horde of sensitive, eco-friendly and creative human beings.

Our Commitment

We strive to inspire sustainable living by making a sustainable lifestyle accessible and attainable. Every home good we offer has a purpose – to reduce consumption and pollution, protect natural resources, replenish and restore the planet and celebrate people everywhere. To meet this commitment, all of our home goods are made with reclaimed, recycled, natural, renewable and organic materials.

Our Inspiration

The inspiration which drives us is the tradition of generations of artisanal craftsmanship and skill, our manufacturing helps age-old techniques and cultures survive and providing livelihoods to artisans and craftspeople.

We also ensure that our sustainability guidelines flow through every step of the supply chain by using minimal, recycled packaging, locally-sourced materials and Carbon-free Shipping on every order we deliver to you. Finally, we are committed to educating, informing and inspiring in everything we do, to raise awareness of the threats facing our planet and the benefits of a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our Mission

We volunteer to treasure the nature as well as her rich and bountiful resources for the benefit of our future generation. Changing the world sounds big. None of us can change the world alone, but when we all work together, a lot of small choices can make a huge impact – every step makes a difference. Bhagidhari means to participate and share in seven Indian languages.